Sunday, July 02, 2006

Original Music Needed for Fitness Project...

I'm currently working with a new upstart looking to license 100 songs for a unique and innovative fitness video project and thought I'd throw this out to you all before I start cold-calling. Right now, we're planning on delivering the workout videos in 4 distinct ways, but that could change as things progress...

1) on-demand (to be stored locally on the Mac/PC and/or portable music player)
2) streaming on the Mac/PC and on gym equipment
3) burn-to-DVD after downloading
4) mail order custom and pre-packaged DVD's...

Of course we're on a limited budget in stealth mode, but we're willing to cross-promote your artist/band AND pay mechanical and sync royalties...Please contact me if you own or have the master use/publishing rights for some broadcast quality independent musical content that needs exposure and is reasonably priced.

*The main genres are:*

- Rock
- Alternative
- Classical
- Jazz
- World
- Latin
- Reggae
- Kids Music
- Dance/Techno
- New Age/Ambient
- R&B/Hip Hop/Rap
- Golden Oldies

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Anonymous said...

We'd be interested in submiting tunes for your upcoming project, if you still need it.