Sunday, January 07, 2007

More 2006 Nielsen Music Stats...

Major Record Label Market Share:

- Universal Music Group remained No. 1 with 31.6%
- Sony BMG Music Entertainment came in at 27.4%
- Warner Music Group had 18.1%
- EMI held onto 10.2%

(That's great to know, but let's also not forget to report on the Indie digital market share, with last cumulative accounting of physical and digital at approximately 28% of the global music market and growing...)

Digital albums represent 5.5% of all albums sold. Warner Music continued to build on its digital market share, rising 1.72% to 23.29% of the digital album universe. UMG is at 27.4% of all digital album sales, Sony BMG 24% and EMI 10%.

Year's data from Nielsen SoundScan revealed that customers are not going to record stores like they used to. (Uhhhh....really....Is that becasue they're all in bankruptcy!) Chain stores saw just 41% of tall sales, down from 48% two years ago. Indie music stores account for 6% of all sales, down from 7% last year and 9% in '04.

Mass merchant outlets like Wal-Mart and Target accounted for 40% of all sales, (but don't forget that Amazon sells more physical CD's than anyone!)

As has been the case for the last two years, 20% of all sales occurred during the last six weeks of the year. (When will the major labels ever learn that this strategy helps no one in the long run....?)

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