Friday, June 01, 2007

Top 11 Reasons NOT to Sign With A Major Record Label

(Thanks to Jerry Del Colliano from INSIDE MUSIC MEDIA for the tip!)


“…In a recent letter, Bob Lefsetz did a piece on reasons why not to sign with the major labels.  See if these reasons help you arrive at the conclusion that this business is dead:”

1.     They tell you what to do.
2.     They're only in the disc business.
3.     They don't pay you.
4.     There's no one working there.
5.     They just care SOMETHING hits.
6.     They control physical distribution, not online distribution.
7.     Tour support is a thing of the past.
8.     They only want you once you've proven yourself independently.
9.     MTV is dead.
10.  Terrestrial music radio is dying.
11.   They specialize in saying no.

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