Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Myth #1 - Airplay Leads to More Record Sales

Professor Stan Liebowitz from the University of Texas in Dallas has released a new research paper entitled “Don’t Play it Again Sam: Radio Play,

Record Sales, and Property Rights.”  The 40 page document “undertakes an econometric investigation of the impact of radio play on sales of sound

recordings using a sample of American cities. The results indicate that radio play does not have the positive impact on record sales normally attributed to it and instead appears to have an economically important negative impact, implying that overall radio listening is more of a substitute for the purchase of sound recordings than it is a complement. This finding indicates that creating a set of property rights to allow this market to function properly is different than has been suggested by prior research. New technologies affecting radio broadcasts are likely to make this topic increasingly important in the coming years. This research also exposes a fallacy of composition in applying to an entire market a generally accepted positive relationship that holds for individual units.”



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LeperColony said...

Even if it's true that songs played over the radio do not see higher sales, how can the report possibly attribute any fall in sales to radio play?

(Okay, that was an ugly sentence, but for 4:45am I'll take what I can get)