Thursday, December 13, 2007

LinkedIn Adds New Twist...

Here’s a great blog post by Anne over at Gigaom…..“The new partner relationship with BusinessWeek shows how LinkedIn might reach out to succeed. When you’re viewing a Business Week article with the new LinkedIn feature, you can hover over a company name and find out how you’re connected to the company via your professional contacts…This flips news personalization on its head. Usually, personalized news means a service recommends articles to you. In this version, articles you’re already reading are personalized by virtue of their association with your professional network.”


1 comment:

LinkDaddy said...

Todd, I disagree. In this case Anne is a writer without a clue.

"Professional networking service LinkedIn wants to emulate Facebook’s success by drawing users and applications through the use of a similar portal strategy. But LinkedIn’s best chance at success lies in doing just the opposite:"

I agree so far.

"reaching out to other web sites and applications. "

Wrong. It's been the market leader and achieved 17M users precisely because it's a narrow service that makes it easy to find other executives, as well as to network (albeit in a limited and painfully restrictive way).

The writer confuses tactics for strategy. While LinkedIn's tactics may be different from Facebook, the strategy is the same. LinkedIn's blind mamba to the Web 3.0 bandwagon with news feed and Business week deal is simply more pandering to the empty strategy of being hip, which takes it even further away from fundamental business and delivering real value to customers.

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