Friday, October 22, 2010

Books In Browsers - 2010

I spent all day yesterday tuning in to the the Internet Archive's #BIB10 Summit, which was held to examine the rapid transition towards books on the web.  Unfortunately, it was held in San Francisco and I was stuck  at my desk in Indiana.  Even though there was no live audio or video feed, the constant tweets and pics flowing from the 2 day conference we're very informative and helped to placate my desire to know what it was that I was missing about the future of the publishing industry as we know it.  I hope that they make the slides public, in fact Bill McCoy from Webpaper already graciously has.  It's amazing to see how har we've come in a year and ePUB3! sounds very exciting for the evolution of vending and lending ebooks. If you're interested, here's a list of attendees HERE.  (Thanks Blaine!)

Also, last night there were showcase demonstrations of the vending and lending of books in web browsers on a variety of different platforms.

Demonstrations included:

      - Browser-based ereaders and reading applications

      - Discovery via BookServer, search engines, Open Library
      - Publisher mechanisms for selling books in browsers
      - Libraries mechanisms for lending books in browsers


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