Friday, June 17, 2011

Useful Marketing Research Sites

Thanks to Jamie Turner over at The 60 Second Marketer for sharing these 28 sites which are all free!

General Research Data:
CNN Student News: ( U.S. and World news multimedia site tailored to the needs of students.
Conversion Tables: ( Convert length, area, speed, temperature, etc., into different units and systems.
eLibrary Research: ( Search any topic using a database of current newspapers, magazines, books and more.  
Encyclopedia Britannica: ( Online version of one of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable.
Fact Monster: ( Designed for kids of all ages, this site offers an amazing array of facts and figures in addition to homework help, an almanac, dictionary and much more.
Gallup Organization: ( Search thousands of poll results, special reports, societal trends and social audits.  
Information Please Almanac: ( Online almanac offering millions of interesting and useful facts on a wide variety of subjects.
Internet Public Library: ( An exhaustive collection of over 20,000 titles.  
iTools Research: ( Collection of online research tools including dictionaries, translations, quotations and more.  
Library of Congress: ( Easy to use reference catalog for accessing the collections of the Library of Congress.
National Archives: ( National Archives online director of U.S. Federal records.  
Smithsonian Institution: ( User-friendly site from the world's largest museum complex and research organization.
U.S. Census Bureau: ( A wealth of basic information about the U.S., broken down on a national, state and local level.
U.S. Department of Labor: ( Bureau of Labor statistics site containing current labor statistics and links to hundreds of state and Federal agencies.
U.S. Federal Government: ( Statistical information from over 100 federal agencies.

Competitive Intelligence:
Forrester Research ( One of the best resources for the latest trends and predictions in the technology industry.
Hoovers Online ( Competitive intelligence on almost all publicly traded companies.  Paid subscription necessary for in-depth research.
The List ( A top-notch contact database with names, addresses, phone numbers and even e-mail addresses of key employees.  Paid subscription necessary.
Securities and Exchange Commission ( Visit this site for annual reports and, more importantly, 10K filings, which provide threat and opportunity analyses for publicly traded companies.
Standard & Poor's ( Analysts reports on industry trends as well as corporate profiles.
Plunkett Research ( Another source for industry trends.

Demographics and Marketing Research: ( A resource for research into a multitude of industries.  Costs range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, but a good resource for solid, credible marketing research.
Trend Watching ( A web site devoted to consumer trends.
Google/Uncle Sam ( This site searches government documents from federal and state websites.  Good for demographic and census data.

Marketing Related Sites:,  Websites dedicated to sharing marketing knowledge from marketing experts.  Excellent resources for recent thoughts and research in the field of marketing.
Ad Forum ( The best commercials from around the world.
Peppers & Rogers Group ( The web site from one of the leaders in the world of CRM.
World Advertising Research Center ( Valuable research on the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, creativity, etc.  Subscription necessary.

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