Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is The WiFi iPod Next?

Kodak has released a new camera called the KODAK EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera. As far as I know, it's one of the world's first Wi-Fi consumer digital cameras - enabling a new way of instant sharing that the music industry will likely imitate if its finished hibernating. You can easily email photos right from your camera or print pictures without messing with memory cards or docking stations. You can even transfer pictures and videos to your computer without USB cables. My favorite feature is that its compatible with most open public hotspots...

It features a rotating touch screen and stylus with 256 MB of internal memory, which stores up to 1500 pictures. The US retail price is a little steep at $600 for 4.0 Mega Pixels and a 3X Optical Zoom Lens, but the novelty got me thinking..What's Apple waiting for? With the rapid proliferation of wireless home networks and low cost portable internet connectivity, it would be a cinch for Apple's iTunes to offer wireless browsing and purchasing directly from the iPod. Shoot, for that matter, whoever beats Apple to it just might steal some marketshare!

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