Monday, November 14, 2005

Warner Music Appears To Be Adapting To The Digital Revolution

While I applaud Warner and Holzman's hipness to start an e-label (Cordless Recordings) amidst all the changes going on in the industry, what bugs me about the rollout is that it seems to still reak of the old way of doing business = FAVORITISM. According to the article, "Groups will release their work in three-song "clusters" -- mini-albums of a sort -- that will be sold at online music stores like iTunes and Rhapsody, and then manufactured in compact disc form only if the audience is large enough to make it financially viable."

Well that's great if you happen to have inside Apple and Real connections, but what about the rest of us independent artists who have our own record labels and are still waiting to get in the front door without going through a middleman? What I'm saying is that the "little guy" still doesn't have a voice when dealing with these online music stores. As far as I know, they (i.e., Apple, MSN Music, Yahoo, and Real) will currently only deal with offering complete albums from large labels or aggregators like IODA and Orchard...The rules are obviously being bent for Cordless, which will hopefully lead to new opportunities for unsigned artists as well...

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