Monday, January 23, 2006

Music Like Water (MLW) Manifesto

Gerd Leonhard shares some highlights of his "Music Like Water Manifesto" in his latest blog entry, which is a preview of some of the concepts covered in his next book, "Music Like Water - the next REAL music revolution. Definitely a good read with some thought provoking predictions and my favorite snippets are below...(I guess if you're going to dream for positive change, one might as well dream BIG :-)

"Imho, it confirms that indeed very few initiatives for significant change are coming from within the industry; almost every major change seems to be coming from the outside."

"The bottom line is that the SYSTEM, the OPERATING PARADIGM, is broken, at the core, and that truckloads of band-aids will not make it well again."

"The current situation - the Orwellian law-suits, the hideously unclear and convoluted licensing situation, the DRM-booby trapped CDs and online services, the raging tides of incompatibility, and the never-ending user frustration - is simply unsustainable and is strangling the market. Instead of technology giving us MUSIC2.0 it appears that the music rights situation is pushing us back to a pre-jurassic Music 0.5."

"Isn't it time to FINALLY give the user what they actually want, when and how they want it, rather than trying to TELL THEM what they should want?"

"DRM will become CRM, aka Customer Rights Management, and rootkits will become marketing kits."

"The MLW system really means that the users, themselves, are the content and create the real value for companies that offer services in this turf."

"Keep in mind that, as evidenced by Google's latest move, targeted, customized advertising-in-media is an explosive growth market that some analysts have described as 100x as powerful as the current advertising market - this would dwarf any money that we could make just selling 'copies' of songs."

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