Friday, March 31, 2006

Lime Wire To Launch Content Filtering System

Lime Wire is launching an experimental Beta Filtering System. According to the website, "Filtering enhances our network as a safe place to share content and information while respecting the concerns of copyright owners. Based on filtering requests from artists and copyright owners, the Filtering System prevents users from downloading, uploading and querying selected files on LimeWire."

In the Filtering System, copyright owners identify files that they don't want shared and submit them for inclusion in a public list. LimeWire then consults this list and stops users from downloading the identified files "filtering" them from the sharing process.

Lime Wire's Filtering System is in experimental mode and they kindly ask for your patience as they continue to improve their filtering infrastructure. In light of logistical restrictions, Lime Wire cannot guarantee the outcome of a filtering request, but they pledge to make a best effort attempt to meet copyright owner filtering requests. Limewire states that "they are working to make the Filtering System as effective and error-proof as possible..."

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