Saturday, August 19, 2006

NARM 2006 Video - "Top 10 Reasons Indies Do It Better"

Here's a 6 minute VIDEO of the American Association of Music (a2im) President, Don Rose and Membership Director, Rob Weitzner, discussing the Top 10 Reasons Indies Do It Better. After only 1 year in existence, the a2im has over 125 member labels and 60 associate members. (sorry in advance for the room echo!)

The "Indie Show" panel was sponsored by San Diego-based Royaltyshare, who officially announced at NARM a new digital royalty infrastructure solution and service for record labels and music distributors to track mechanical and artist royalties for sound recordings. RoyaltyShare will provide indies Web-based services (with no upfront or set-up fees) to clients, who are then billed 1.5% of all royalty revenues from sales of content on services like iTunes, Rhapsody and eMusic. Called Digital Advantage, the management system allows labels and distributors to easily aggregate, monitor and interpret a broad array of digital sales receipts.

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