Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Superdistribution = ZUNE's Compensated Sharing + WEEDSHARE

With all the ZUNE-bashing lately, here's an interesting article from last Wednesday's Good Morning Silicon Valley, which talks about one of the most innovative and distinguishing business models out there called WEEDSHARE and Microsoft's recent desire to use it....no...copy it....umm...I mean share it :-) It's been updated twice since the original post (with some inquisitive patent comments at the end) and also picked up by Gizmodo.

The key point here is that the folks over at Weedshare are now sitting in the pole position to fully "exploit the intellectual property on which a core feature of a major Microsoft product is based."

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Dallas Devam said...

Hi; we're kicking off a new podcast about WeedShare and Zune called The WeedCast Jan. 18th live 12am on CJSR 88.5 Edmonton AB Canada.

Google for CJSR to find it.