Friday, April 27, 2007

MPAA Calls For Interoperability

MPAA head, Dan Glickman, speaks about the need for DRM interoperability…One of the most interesting items was the fact that Glickman said publicly that the industry supports "managed copying," a policy that allows users to take films “off a DVD” and watch it on a PC or portable device. That's pretty progressive thinking compared to the RIAA....

"Our goal is a diverse, high-quality, hassle-free consumer experience," he said, "one that makes the most effective case possible not merely for the legitimate consumer marketplace, but its vast superiority (over piracy)."

"My philosophy is that we can make interoperability and DRM work if all parties truly want to make it work," he said. "With this much brainpower at our disposal, it's a question of collective will far more than technological capacity."



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