Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4 Easy Steps for Making Free Ringtones for iPhones

Ever wanted to make a ringtone for your iPhone, but didn’t want to pay again for a song that you already own?  Well, now you can…..Simply use Quicktime Pro (not the new dumbed-down Quicktime 7 player)


STEP 1 - Open your music source file and select the desired ringtone portion  

STEP 2 - Crop to that selection and then "Save As iTunes Movie" with some name like MyZippyRingtone.  QTPro will save it with the .m4v extension

STEP 3- Change the extension to .m4r and drag the file to iTunes, where it will be added to the library as a Ringtone 

STEP 4 - Sync it to your iPhone and select it from the Settings screen


 (Thanks Tom N. !)

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