Thursday, August 25, 2011

Does Social Media Ruin Your Current SEO Strategies?

Here's a great primer on SEO and how it's being affected by Social Media written by Neil Patel.  The truth is, the primary Search Engine algorithms are constantly being tweaked, so what worked last year (or last quarter) may no longer be relevant.

"In SEOMoz's 2011 Search Engine Factors Ranking report, almost 132 SEO and social media experts predicted that social signals at the page level and domain level would have a greater impact on search engine rankings than traditional SEO factors."

The bottom line is that marketers now more than ever need to understand how search engines are ingesting and using this plethora of behavioral data so they can quickly react and adapt their marketing plans to achieve a competitive advantage in this (as Neil put it) socially-optimized  world that we live in.

Also, according to the post, "Social media is impacting search engine results and if you want to get more traffic from search engines, you need to do 3 things:
  • Build an active, engaged presence on social networking sites
  • Optimize your sites for social media sharing
  • Encourage your readers to share your content
However, to maximize your coverage, it's still highly recommended to maintain your traditional SEO strategies while the market quickly shifts....

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