Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Digital Media Alliance of Florida

Forgive me if I toot my horn a little, but last month, I was invited to help moderate a panel at the Digital Media Alliance of Florida's (DMAF) DiMeNar conference held at FullSail Center for the Recording Arts. The event was entitled, "Digital Music, Audio and Sound Design - what does the future hold?" and was one of several digital media seminars the organization has produced in the last three years. FYI - The DMAF is Florida's non-profit digital media industry association and I highly recommend joining...During my presentation, I focused mostly on the recent Future of Music Conference that I attended recently in Washington, D.C. If you're interested, here's a link to my Powerpoint (the meat and potatoes are in my notes below each slide) and I'm currently editing the video footage, which I hope to release as a vodcast soon...

In addition to myself, the speakers included: Full Sail's Matt Bielejeski, Game Audio Network Guild member and GDC speaker; Brian Young, Audio Post Production Course Director and Digidesign Certified Pro Tools Instructor/Operator; Keith Lay, Music History Course Director and international composer ; and Michael Cochran, classically trained composer using digital tools to create music for TV specials, films, the Super Bowl, Disney and more.

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