Saturday, August 11, 2007

Universal Music Snubs Apple - Releases DRM-free Music

There's been a lot of chatter lately about Universal's recent decision to offer DRM-Free tracks everywhere online, but I think the biggest flaw in this strategy (besides excluding iTunes) is that it's only an experiment and that it's only for some of the catalogue...The one smart move they did make was not to penalize the consumer for choosing a file that is interoperable...However, I still think the downloading business would grow much faster if mini-albums were bundled in 6 packs for a dollar...


Also, whatever happened to the old BMG business model, where you buy

12 physical albums for a penny and then over the course of a year you agree to buy 8 more at regular price?  I think the market is ready for this type of digital offer and Universal should incentivize their consumers to buy more legal music this way...For example, buy 10 downloads for a penny and then buy 5 more for $.99 cents.....?


Either approach is a win-win with more sales and satisfied customers......

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