Thursday, April 13, 2006

RivBea Orchestra Relases New CD - AURORA

A few years ago in the mid nineties, I had the esteemed honor and pleasure to be a regular member of the Rivbea Jazz Orchestra, directed by Sam Rivers. This ensemble is a unique 17 piece band that plays avant garde jazz written exclusively by by the legendary saxophonist and composer Sam Rivers. The music from his latest Aurora CD (which I happen to play trumpet on) was recorded and mixed at FullSail's Studio B and was officially released last week. The CD is not for everyone, but is truly world class in its infectious grooves and daring improvisations. Since Sam's last CD was nominated for a Grammy - I've got my fingers crossed :-)
(I will post later to tell you where it's commercially available, since it's officially an "indie" release and has no major distribution...Hopefully, Rhapsody, CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon will add it. )

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