Friday, October 19, 2007

Ford's Next Generation Vehicle = FOCUS??

[Couple of choice nuggets]

"...Though based on the same platform as the current model, the new 2008 Focus features an array of improvements from the interior and powertrain to ride and handling. More importantly, it is the first vehicle to feature Sync -- a new voice-activated onboard computer connectivity system developed with Microsoft Corp. that will allow motorists to fully integrate their cell phones and iPods with their automobiles..."  

"...Mark Fields, president of Ford's Americas division, said Sync will be the first system in the country that connects the car to the Internet. It will allow drivers to control their cell phones and MP3 players with voice commands, read incoming e-mail and allow them to send and receive text messages, all without taking their hands off the wheel..."

Also, from Mark Ramsey's blog....(make sure to watch the 5 minute video too...The voice recognition and the TTS looks pretty decent!)

"Ford has announced that its new 2008 Focus will be the first small and relatively inexpensive car aimed at younger buyers to feature their Sync Audio Technology that essentially puts the Internet and complete audio control in your car. It will be an option on the Focus (it's actually standard in Ford's more expensive lines), and it will run about $400 (or, in other words, about a hundred dollars more than a pre-installed HD or Satellite Radio)."

OK, this is getting pretty cool for accessing internet radio in the car with the built-in USB connection/battery charger......and hopefully it will save some accidents and lives....but what I really want to know is who's Sync's main competition?

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