Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sony Connect Closing = A Collection Re-Rip

I don't know about any of you, but it kind of irritates me that SONY is being so vague about how the continued use of previously "purchased" Connect files will not work on next-gen SONY devices after their online music store closes next March...To me, this consumer insensitivity is more than just a decision to abandon their proprietary DRM and jump into the drowning Plays-for Sure-camp...I think that the behemoth should come right out and clearly explain what's about to happen to all the DRM'd ATRAC files consumers have "purchased" up to this point...[THAT THEY WON'T WORK SOON] Instead, they just dance around the issue on the FAQ's with 'CAN' instead of
'SHOULD rip to CD'....

IMHO, I think that SONY should clearly let its Connect customers know that previously downloaded OpenMG content will not play with newer SONY players...(In other words, if music fans want to keep their past Connect
purchases relevant moving forward - they have to take off the DRM and burn
the collection to CD and then re-rip everything themselves...LAME !!)

Nice synergy there between the store and the consumer electronics division,
eh....? :-)

(Directly from the site: What can I do with ATRAC content that has DRM Digital Rights Management)?

"For your purchased music from CONNECT, you can burn it to audio CD and re-rip it into MP3 format to continue enjoying it for personal use."

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