Monday, May 17, 2010

What Are eMail Marketers Doing in Their Outgoing Mail...?

According to a recent survey of more than 1,900 email marketers, Blue Sky Factory found the following surprising statistics:
  • Email marketers use View in Browser features the most of all, with almost 32% of outgoing campaigns using this to help readers view their messages.
  • A surprisingly low 11% of email marketers surveyed use Share With Your Network social features in their messages, despite heavy usage by consumers of social media and social networks.
  • Despite the near-ubiquity of mobile devices, a scant 2% of email marketers create custom mobile versions of their outgoing campaigns targeted towards mobile devices.
" marketing isn't keeping up with how subscribers want to use and consume content..."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Publishing's New Business Model

Throw the baby out with the bath water....(but keep the baby!)

"No more life-of-the-copyright contracts" - Richard Nash