Thursday, June 07, 2012

Quote of the Day

 A very interesting (and forward thinking) approach for a carrier...

"...I mean shifting our focus from building connections, to create amazing interactive and personalized experiences that transcend devices, platforms, content and networks..."
        ~ Rob Bruce, President of Rogers Communications

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mindblowing Stats from Cisco's VNI Forecast

Some interesting new stats from CISCO's annual Virtual Networking Index....the 2 that really jumped out at me though were:


  - Globally, Online Music is expected to be the most highly penetrated
  residential Internet service ―in 2011 there were 1.1 billion users (63
  percent of residential Internet users); in 2016 there are forecast to be
  1.8 billion users (79 percent of residential Internet users).

*Global File Sharing*

  - By 2016, global peer-to-peer traffic is projected to account for 54
  percent of global consumer Internet file sharing traffic, down from 77
  percent in 2011. On a quantity basis, however, the amount of peer-to-peer
  traffic is expected to increase from a rate of 4.6 exabytes per month in
  2011 to 10 exabytes per month by 2016.

Monday, June 04, 2012

MIRACAST makes content sharing easier!

Last week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it's finalizing it's certification program for Wi-Fi devices to support display applications, and that it has defined a new mark to designate products that have passed certification. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast devices make use of a Wi-Fi connection to deliver audio and video content from one device to another, without cables or a connection to an existing Wi-Fi network. These devices connect directly, so you can do things like watch videos from a smartphone on a big screen television or share a laptop screen with the conference room projector to collaborate in real-time. Televisions, set-top boxes, notebooks, handsets and tablets are among the device types which will be certified.