Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do We Really Need a Next-Gen Audio Standard...?

Apparently, Neil Young is looking for a wealthy sponsor to help 
invent/promote a new hi-fi digital format that lets listeners experience more of a studio playback experience

So....while I'm waiting to win the lottery to help him with this commendable quest...are there any takers out there?

Seriously though , while vinyl is still very cool, and I agree mp3 is outdated, how many average people complain about the fidelity of CD/DVD's or quality rips made from them?

While philosophically I agree with the concept of pursuing the most realistic preservation and dissemination of the "realness" and magic in the bits,  the sad truth (and reality that we live in) is that today/tomorrow's generations consider the fidelity of download stores and streaming options "good enough."

What say you....?

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